Certification: EN 1891:1998 Type A

Construction: braid – 32 plait cover; polyamide double S/Z twisted core.
Composition: cover and core 100% high tenacity nylon fibre.
Features: anti-twist, thermo-fixed opposite double twisted core.
Class: climbing/speleology, industry, safety and tree climbing.
Colour: coloured.
Applications: static braided rope for speleology; for industrial uses such as climbing and rock scaling; tree climbing, fall arrest, life line and safety line for construction works and works on a height.
Especially appreciated for its low elongation.

code diameter Ø mm packaging m MBL KG MBL KGN weight gr/m
815215 MARELLI 10,5 a richiesta/on request 3.400 33.7 69
815216 MARELLI 11,7 a richiesta/on request 4.180 41 85

* Also available in jumbo reels for shops

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