PLAM was born in 1967 in Legnano, a dynamic industrial center close to Milan, PLAM has grown exponentially year after year, to become the great international reality of today.

Leading in the production of ropes, braids and ribbons for every kind of industry and use, PLAM always put in every product the know-how, the competence of 50 years experiences and continuous technological development, having big attention for the quality that only a 100% “Made in Italy” product can truly boast.

Agriculture, construction, industry, security, sports, leisure: for each of these areas PLAM has developed a range of proposals that can satisfy any kind of demand, ensuring the best technical proposal at the best price, working in partnership with customers in order to create customized products.

Highly specialized personnel and continuous investments aimed at raising the company’s technological level, make all this possible. A certified evolutionary process, made by many quality tests on our products that are done to comply with the most important European standards of quality and safety.

In these years PLAM has gone from the production of simple strings for shoes to the supply of highly technological ropes also used in huge sports’ challenge whose success is also linked to the qualitative level of materials.

PLAM ropes have been used to climb the highest peaks in the world, as well as in the world’s deep diving record. But not only: PLAM ropes have been also used in two “unusual” contests for our market, art and fashion, being part of 2 works shown at the Biennale of Venice and Fuori Salone in Milan.